Have you ever given someone a gift so perfect that you could barely wait for them to open it? Chances are, it had nothing to do with how much you spent and everything to do with how much personality and thought you put into it. Perhaps it played off an inside joke between the two of you, or related to an offhand comment that you filed away in your mind for just the right moment. Whatever the inspiration, you just knew you’d created the perfect gift, and you felt as joyful as a 2nd grader bringing home a hand-made macaroni necklace for Mom. This is the feeling of delight that I want even the most overscheduled and craft-averse Knack customers to have when they create their meaningful, made-by-you- just-for-them gifts. This is the reason I launched Knack.

We’re passionate about discovering those outstanding brands, artisan producers and intriguing stories that turn great gifts into lasting memories. I believe that their stories matter, which is why we share them with our customers and help you share them with others.  Creating a relationship between Knack customers and Knack merchants is meaningful because we all like to know who we’re buying from, and to know that our choices have impact. And I believe that, in the end, the recipients of these gifts will understand that someone truly cared about these products all the way to their doorstep.

Because we believe that gift giving should be an inherently personal and joyful activity, we celebrate the creativity of our customers in everything we do. Our role at Knack is simply to provide the tools and product palette so that our customers can work the real magic.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with.


Laura Jennings

Founder & Resident Knack Maker


Knack is hiring quick thinkers and focused creatives excited about joining our fast-growing startup in the heart of Seattle’s Capitol Hill. We’re looking for team members who can juggle work, play, and a kaleidoscopic range of tasks with a sense of wit and dedication. Read about and apply for our open positions on LinkedIn.