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...Her Gift Hero

Never give her another Bath & Body Works gift basket ever again. She wants to know that you put some thought into her gift, not that you frantically hailed the first teenage cashier you saw at the mall to beg for advice the day before her birthday. We’ll help get rid of the guesswork with gift ideas for your wife or girlfriend that include handmade jewelry, natural spa products, gourmet food and drinks (yes, even wine!) so you can pamper her with a personalized gift.

...Her Breakup Spin Doctor

You left the “ice cream and rom-coms” behind you long ago. When it comes to relationships (and their tear-soaked conclusions), that’s junior league stuff. If your BFF has you on speed dial because you give the best breakup advice EVER, you’d better have a few care package ideas to help her check out of her own personal heartbreak hotel. Getting over a breakup is hard enough as it is, but without chocolate? No one should have to suffer through that, so send a little Chocolate Resuscitation to perk her up.

...Her Frenemy

Sharon from book club and Monica from the Mommy & Me group are always so poised and prepared for everything. Remember how you all cringed when you showed up to Britta’s potluck with identical hostess gifts--only theirs somehow glowed with superiority? Well, now you have something they don’t: foolproof custom hostess gift ideas perked up with a personal touch--and rosé, of course.

...Just Trying To Keep Up With Her

Even when you were college roommates, she could triple-book her schedule and get away with it. Now she’s globetrotting and you schedule phone calls months in advance. You can stock her carry-on with little gifts she’ll love--but don’t worry about missing her. We make it easy to schedule her gift to arrive on her doorstep when you know she’ll be in town.

Need a romantic anniversary gift or a special Valentine’s Day present? Contact us and we'll help you create the perfect gift to show that you thought about her.