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The 4 Types Of Guys On Your Gift List

And how to shop for them.

Coming up with great gift ideas for men shouldn’t feel like a heroic undertaking, but we’ll be the first to acknowledge that it’s tricky. We’ve listed the 4 types of guys who’ll probably be on your gift list at one time or another and shared a few of our best tips for giving thoughtful gifts to each and every one, from your wannabe-DJ teenage son to the best man in your wedding.

Mr. Hard-To-Buy-For:

He’s your hero. Dad, Gramps, your spouse, or older brother--as far as you’re concerned, he’s the last great man on earth. And yet, it’s close to impossible to find a gift that’s as special as he is. If you’re lucky enough to find exactly the right gift for him, you’ll still have to top it with another brilliant idea next year.

Here’s where our collection of men’s gift sets can come to the rescue. Consider his hobbies: is he an avid outdoorsman, or the guy always manning the grill? Maybe he’s mentioned that he’s always wanted to moonlight as a bartender. Pay attention to the details and you can give him a customized gift of all his favorite things.

Mr. Treat Yourself 

Sometimes known as “the guy who has everything,” Mr. Treat Yourself is the most confounding giftee type, because he lives for the present (pun intended) and has no wish list. He sees it, he likes it, he buys it--leaving you wondering what you can possibly give him that he hasn’t already found for himself. Here’s where you have to get personal--choose an assortment of products to surprise him with a unique gift box. Even if he’s seen the items before, odds are good he won’t have picked out the same combination that caught your eye, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve given him a totally original gift.

Mr. Latest and Greatest

Much like Mr. Treat Yourself, Mr. Latest and Greatest likes his gifts with a side of instant gratification. Some new gadget or gourmet treat catches his eye and it’s as good as his, right? With a little exploration, you’ll never lack for creative gift ideas--find yourself in cahoots with the artisans behind small, local businesses so you can be the one to introduce him to the next “Hey, you GOTTA try this!” product.

Mr. No Frills

Let’s face it--if you have a Mr. No Frills, the gift giving is really about you. He doesn’t go in for fancy gadgets or accessories, and might not even notice if you skipped his anniversary or birthday gift this year. You could probably get him a new pair of socks for every present (and feel seriously bummed about it), or you could surprise him with a gift you KNOW he’ll enjoy, like a can packed with his favorite snacks. You might feel like you’re playing it safe, but it’ll show how well you know him, put a grin on his face, and satisfy your own need to give him a cool gift.

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