Wedding Gifts

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Gifts For Your Wedding Party

It’s not the embossed invitations and the richest buttercream frosting that make a wedding wonderful--it’s not even the perfect dress or the twinkling lights at your venue. The true heart and soul of your important, beautiful celebration comes from the people you love: your friends and family, bridesmaids and groomsmen, and everyone who goes above and beyond to make your wedding special.

As a discerning bride, you want everything you plan to be memorable and tasteful. Picking colors and a menu might sound like the easy part once you’ve considered what kind of gifts you want to give to the people who have an extra-special role in your wedding. More than ever before, brides and grooms are embracing wedding gifting trends to celebrate their helpers; there’s the “will you?” gift to invite a friend to join the bridal party, the “wedding welcome” gift of amenities for special guests, and the “thank you” gifts for the wedding party, ushers, readers, officiants, and anyone else who played an essential role in the ceremony and reception. If you plan to give any of these gifts or leave wedding favors for guests, you’ll want them to represent your style, your wedding theme, and the personalities of the people receiving them.

We know you’re busy. While the DIY wedding trend has flourished, we understand that it can take a significant amount of work and time to plan the wedding you want. With Knack, it’s possible to give heartfelt, custom wedding party gifts with your personal touch without an overwhelming amount of planning. We’ll guarantee that the presentation is gorgeous, the gifts are delivered on time, and the items inside will be part of your loved ones’ cherished memories of your celebration. It’s one more way you can feel cool, calm, and collected about your big day.