Creative Care Packages

With our warehouse fully stocked with everything you need to make your own Easter baskets--err, "buskets"--for kids, we got to thinking: when else do you get to give someone a whole bundle of goodies tailored just for them? College care packages immediately sprang to mind.

Any student will reassure you that there's never a bad time to send a care package. First semester might be the most obvious time to mail something thoughtful, but it's particularly fun to send surprises later in the school year--something for your students to enjoy during spring break, just in time for midterms, or as a playful nod to the Easter baskets they got as kids.

The key to creating a great college care package is including surprises your student likely wouldn't find on her own--probably not in her roommate's care packages, and certainly not in the campus bookstore. 

Check out a few of our favorite ideas and tips for customizing each gift! 

Green For Luck: It's always nice to feel pampered before a big exam. A collection of spring-y pastel treats should do just the trick. 

Customize it: If she's not a mint fan, swap the color palette with luscious rose lip butter and hot pink nail lacquer.

Bike Commuter: Zipping around campus on your bike is awesome--a flat tire when you're late to class, not so much. If your student is the "always prepared" type, this collection of coffee, candy, and fix-it tools will be perfect.

Customize it: If they've already got a multi-tool, switch it out for a pair of sustainable earbuds guaranteed to stay tangle-free and easy to wear under a bike helmet!

A Spicy Vice: Cafeteria food has gotten much better, but we all know it can always use spicing up. Send this care package to ensure there's finally enough sriracha to go around.

Customize it: Ah yes, you've got a freshman. You're not going to send something called "Beer Sauce" to your underage thinker. Keep to the spicy spirit of this gift with a booze-free Lemon Ginger syrup or a batch of cold brew coffee instead.

Orange You Glad I Sent A Care Package?: Study snacks, pure and simple. So much better than the vending machine, this collection of protein-packed provisions will be most welcome during finals week. 

Customize it: You know your student's taste better than anyone. Think they might be flirting with scurvy? Toss in some fruit crisps or dried cranberries. They're an athlete with a sweet tooth? They'll love a few portable bags of chocolate-covered almonds