College Care Packages 101: Don't Call It Bribery

Mom and Dad, your back-to-school assignment is this: make sure your college student calls home, and do it in the most creative and adoring way possible. We gave you the lowdown in our blog about how to make a great college care package for your college student

In case you need more convincing to send a Knack care package, here’s the Cliffsnotes version of what makes ours special:

  • Knack care packages are high quality.

     Consider us the anti vending machine. We source delicious, non-perishable snacks that are (mostly) healthy. You’ve practically got that Most Valuable Parent award locked down already.
  • They’re as unique as your student.

     Our college care package ideas and possibilities are endless. If your kid wants shower gel, gummy bears, and a stapler --you can make that very gift in just a few clicks. 
  • They’re the easiest gifts you’ve ever made.

     Find care package ideas for your college kid and swap items to customize until it’s perfect, or send a handpicked collection of gifts from our care package products. Write a personal note and we’ll include it with a custom booklet in their gift, which we pack beautifully. Give us an important deadline ahead of time, and we’ll even make sure their gift is delivered exactly when you want it to arrive--in time for their final exams or the first Halloween away from home. Basically, we do everything but their laundry.

Questions? Contact us or browse past college care inspiration.

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