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Expert Admin Gift Ideas You Can Easily Customize



  • Gorgeous, soft-white exterior with a premium linen-feel texture.
  • Joyful pop of color in the interior beautifully embossed with the words 'Especially For You'.
  • Elegant storybook presentation cover to highlight personalized gift messages and custom literature.
  • Prominent name card branded with your logo or personal photo and secured with a sleek, elastic ribbon.
  • Reusable box folds flat for easy storage and is recyclable.

Expert Advice for Administrative Professionals Day

Your administrative professional knows all about you… exactly how late you’re likely to be for your next meeting, which people you’re willing to be interrupted by any time, and – even if you carefully separate your personal and work lives – when something’s going on at home, based on the number of times your partner has called today.

This is your opportunity to demonstrate that despite your crazy workload:

  1. You appreciate the professional work they do, and
  2. You know a few things about them, as well.

Buying for administrative professionals can be challenging. As Victoria Rabin, CEO of the Executive Assistants Organization explains, “Executive assistants are tough to buy for as they are professional gift buyers” themselves. And it’s not always straightforward to figure out which staff members to recognize on the holiday. There can be hurt feelings when someone isn’t recognized but wanted to be, and even greater damage to the organization when someone is recognized and didn’t realize that he or she was seen as support staff.

But, as the saying goes, never waste a crisis. Tempting as it is to ignore the day altogether, consider Administrative Professionals Day a management opportunity to reinforce your relationships and expectations with your support team. If it’s not crystal clear who’s “support staff” and who’s not, why not thank all of your direct reports with a team lunch, or a group gourmet gift to share? It will build team morale and establish that you’re a thoughtful, modern manager, not a stingy ingrate.

Another approach - especially if you’re at a loss for time or information - is to develop a “signature gift” that reflects you. David Perry, CMO of University of Utah Health Care, for example, is famous for handing out Louisville Slugger mini-bats and treats from his beloved hometown. Not only are these gifts fun and personal to him, they’re also a reflection of his management style. A signature gift will also prevent you from being caught empty-handed when you need a quick business “thank you” any time of the year.

Following these easy tips can make Administrative Professionals Day a management success for you. After all, a majority of those polled in a Staples Survey said that the most important person in their company isn’t the president or CEO, it’s their administrative professional.