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Behind every great gift is a great story. Help customers tell theirs and earn variable commissions through our program. We've partnered with AWIN to make it easy for you. Fill out an application to start earning!

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Knack is the custom gifting platform for busy people looking to deepen relationships through more thoughtful gifts. We offer customizable gift boxes, values-based collections, and expert gifting advice for any and every gifting occasion. All boxes are hand packed with a personalized card and optional video message for an unforgettable unboxing experience.

Program Benefits

Let our gifting expertise, industry-leading technology, wide selection of products, and promotional offers work for you.

  • Competitive Commissions

  • Exclusive Offers

  • Branded Creative Assets

  • Products for Every Occasion and Recipient

  • Easy Tracking Through AWIN

*For more information, here is our full Affiliate Agreement.

Knack Affiliate Program FAQ

Why become a Knack Affiliate? Becoming an Affiliate lets you recommend gifts to your customers and makes it easy for them to shop. Your Affiliate link provides access to popular gifts and curated categories. In turn, you will receive a monthly commission check for all eligible sales generated by referring visitors to our site, We handle all the processing, fulfillment, shipments, and customer service for these orders. After setting up the Affiliate links, all you have to do is collect your check. You will also have 24-hour online access to traffic and sales statistics through AWIN Affiliate Marketing.

How do I become an Affiliate? We've partnered with AWIN to help maintain our Affiliate program. Please read our Affiliate Agreement and the AWIN Membership Agreement at the bottom of the application page. Visit Our AWIN page or apply online. After reading the Membership Agreement, you’ll need to fill out a brief application where you will indicate your acceptance of the terms. We'll let you know via email whether or not your site has been accepted into the program.

Is my site eligible to become a Knack Affiliate? Knack works with a limited number of high-quality sites. We reserve the right to refuse any site that does not meet our quality and content standards. Corporate customers of Knack are not eligible to become Affiliates. For more information, please read the Affiliate Agreement.

What does it cost to become an Affiliate? Practically nothing. AWIN requires a refundable $5 deposit that gets reimbursed with your first commission check. This will be required upon application and returned once you start earning.

How do you track the sales referred by my site? We've partnered with AWIN to manage our Affiliate Program and to handle reporting. When a visitor clicks the affiliate link on your site and makes a purchase at, AWIN keeps track of that sale. AWIN will make reports available on how your links are performing and how much commission you're earning.

How and when do I get paid? Commission checks are issued monthly. The commission will accrue and appear in the subsequent month. You are responsible for any taxes associated with commission fees.

What products are eligible for commission? All products available at, except for Swift Gift/E-gift redemptions, are eligible. Swift Gift purchases can earn a commission. Corporate orders are not eligible to receive a commission. When customers referred by your site make a purchase, you earn a commission.

For further questions, please contact us at