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Three Tips For Sending The Best Baby Gifts

No gift-giving occasion tops the sheer joy of welcoming a newborn baby in to the world. Because, let's face it, there's almost nothing cuter than itsy-bitsy humans and the clothes, toys, books and blankets that go with them. And when that tiny human is born across the state or the country from you, you want to send a baby gift that conveys your joyful welcome message in a memorable manner. 

Never fear, we have just the thing: our expert recipe for the perfect new baby gift contains three main elements:
  1. Something to warm or snuggle the lucky newborn boy or girl
  2. A fun diversion for baby & parents
  3. A little treat to congratulate the deserving new parents
Newborn Gift Ingredient #1: Warm & Snuggle The New Baby
Babies get cold, even in summer.  And because they sometimes, well, leak occasionally, they tend to go through more clothing than the average person. Experienced parents know that there's no such thing as having too many baby blankets. This way they always have a fresh and clean blanket on hand even if doing laundry hasn't been as regular an occurrence since the baby was born. 

That's why hats & sweaters also make great new baby gifts or baby shower gifts. But keep in mind that babies grow quickly -- and some "newborns" are even born larger than "newborn" size. Often parents are inundated with so many irresistible newborn outfits that the new arrival doesn't get a chance to wear them all before he or she outgrows them. For this reason, we recommend buying clothing in 6 month sizes. 

Now, a word about pink and blue...these traditional baby colors will always be in style. But to make sure your baby gift lasts for more than one bundle of joy, consider gender neutral colors such as mustard or rainbow

By anchoring your new baby shower gift or baby gift with something useful, you'll win the heartfelt appreciation of the new parents. And as a bonus, you'll undoubtedly enjoy seeing photos of the baby wearing or wrapped in your gift!

Newborn Gift Ingredient #2: A Fun Diversion
Now let's get to the fun part: the toys! Toss in a stuffed animal, rattle or teether as the next element in your personalized baby gift. Not only do these provide a diversion that the new baby and parents can enjoy together, they also serve as a more permanent gift item. Odds are that the soft white bunny, rubber duck or elephant pull toy will be enjoyed by the new arrival well into toddlerhood. 

Books are a particularly fantastic choice for new baby gift sets. Classics such as Goodnight Moon, Guess How Much I Love You, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar can invoke nostalgia and comfort to the parents. And it's never too early to start reading to your baby!

Newborn Gift Ingredient #3: A Treat For The New Parents
What will really make your gift stand out is remembering to add a little something for the parents, too. After all, they're doing all the work! 

A non-alcoholic sparkling beverage is a festive gift even the most scrupulous nursing mom can enjoy. Or toss in a trio of delicious candies in a "Cheers!" gift box. 

Newborn parent gifts that pamper the parents are especially appreciated.  Sleep masks, lotions, a soothing candle or bath salts can be just what the doctor ordered for sleep deprived parents of a newborn. 

Make Your New Customized Baby Gift Stand Out
Want your personalized baby gift set to stand out from the crowd? Consider a bathtime theme for a baby shower gift or baby welcome gift. A snuggly, absorbent baby bath towel combined with squishy bath toys will be a baby gift that gets used for years.

Finally, use our New Baby Gift Builder to create your very own, truly custom gift for the newborn baby and his or her parents. Nothing says "I love you" like a gift you created yourself, delivered in gorgeous packaging with your heartfelt message. 

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