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The Best Seattle Gift Sets

We have a saying around here: “when it comes to gifts made in Washington, there’s more to ‘local’ than salmon.” In fact, if you truly want to find the best gifts from Seattle and appreciate the Pacific Northwest’s culture of local craftsmanship, take a few tips from our intrepid gift-spotters who know where to find the most unique regional treasures. 

Tip 1: Mix Seattle classics with new discoveries.

The best Seattle gift baskets include a mix of classic Washington brands such as Tom Douglas, Fran's Chocolates, Chukar Cherries, Salish Lodge or Seattle Chocolates with up-and-coming new finds such as Molly Moon, Oula or Theo. In this way you're giving a combination of what people expect from a Seattle gift while still exposing them to the dynamic climate of entrepreneurship Seattle is known for. 

You might be surprised to learn just how passionate we can get about our local offerings. It’s not just that we pride ourselves in knowing about anything and everything made within a 50 mile radius of the Space Needle--it’s that we take care to connect with craftspeople who are passionate about the “locavore” experience, be it in their small island town just outside of Seattle, or their bustling neighborhood in Capitol Hill (just blocks from our own office!).

There are the independent artisans (like Greg Clark of Decicio Glass), scrappy business partners Justin Hoffman and Bryan Mitchiner, the folks behind Mustard and Co.), and family-run companies (like Wild Things Chocolate-Dipped Almonds by mother-daughter team Val and Breezy Griffith) whose products we combine to make memorable gift sets from Seattle.

So reach beyond the predictable Seattle gift basket to combine the best of classic and emerging Pacific northwest items in one unique gift box. 

Tip #2: Give them something permanent to remember the gift

Food items are a fabulous choice when sharing the Seattle experience with someone else.  After all, the scents, scene and flavors of Pike Place Market are a must-do on every visitor's checklist. But you can prolong your lucky recipient's enjoyment of the gift by including something they can use and remember long after the Seattle snacks and gourmet goodies have been consumed.

Souvenirs from Seattle don't need to be predictable or purely ornamental. This is where a theme comes in handy:

  • Giving a coffee-themed gift?  Pair Cafe Vita or Caffe Umbria coffees with to-go tumblers from Seattle-based Miir and not only will your recipient remember your gift for years, you'll also be contributing to water conservation projects around the world. 
  • How about a leisurely Sunday breakfast which pairs the famous Salish Lodge pancake mix and Woodinville Whiskey maple syrup with a flapjacks kitchen towel they'll dig out for weekends to come.
  • Or a backyard grill gift set that combined delicious rubs from Tom Douglas, and BBQ sauce from Pike Brewing Company, with a famous Pike Place Market Cookbook

When we think of souvenirs past, we think of three possible examples: elaborate works of art that looked SO good in the artist’s studio through your vacation goggles but now seem ridiculous at home, logo-plastered trinkets from a tourist attraction gift shop, or generic items with the word Seattle on them snatched up at the airport on your way out of town. You'll find none of that here, just honest-to-goodness useful items made by artisans we know and support personally. 

Tip 3: Make it as original as you are.

The absolute best Washington gift basket idea we have for you? Shop like the locals, but without all the traffic. 

  • One option is to customize any of our expert Seattle Gift Sets: it's easy, just add and delete until the gift reflects your personal touch. 
  • Our Seattle Gourmet Gift Builder allows you to build your custom gift from scratch, selecting exactly what you want.  Simply browse, click and check out -- we'll do all the running around for you! Our gift builder allows you to select Washington and Seattle-made gifts from 4 categories: Gourmet Pantry, Sweets & Treats, Coffee & Tea, and Lasting Mementos. 

Inspired yet? Consider us your secret resource for the most compelling Washington-inspired gifts.  After all, Knack was born in Seattle so we know our way around these parts!