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What's a Good Birthday Gift? Hint: It’s Not a Birthday Gift Basket

Beyond the Birthday Gift Basket: Birthday Boxes Made Personal

  1. Use this trick to figure out a good birthday gift for your loved one. Imagine that person in their most relaxed and happy moments. What are they doing? Drinking wine on the patio? Reading a good book in a coffee house? Cooking for friends? Enjoying the outdoors? Capture that essence in your mind and channel it into a gift customized around their ‘happy place’. Explore beautiful, customizable birthday gifts here. Not quite sure what type of birthday box you're looking for? Curate your own perfect gift from scratch here plus find more birthday gift ideas.
  2. The best birthday gifts have an amazing unboxing experience. That's why you should skip the birthday gift basket and make sure the birthday gift box you give is beautifully wrapped in a way that will delight the recipient and prolong the joy of receiving a gift. Knowing that you went the extra mile with the gift presentation will make that person feel special---which is what you want, right!
  3. Good birthday gifts always include a gift message or card with a personalized note from your heart to theirs. Don't skip this crucial finishing touch! It's an important part of what makes a memorable birthday gift. Uploading a photo can make your birthday card even more personal. 
  4. Here's a 3-part recipe for birthday gift boxes that leave a lasting impression...First, include a durable item that they'll use for a long time. That way, every time they use the item, they'll remember your thoughtfulness. Wine glasses, catchall trays, home entertaining items and personal accessories fall into this category. Second, add a delicious treat that they can enjoy right away — we can't tell you how often a little chocolate bar or other sweet snack doesn't make it past the unboxing experience! Finally, add something whimsical such as pop-up notes, party blowers or confetti pops to add a celebratory theme to the gift, even if you can't be there in person. 
  5. Finally, if you're looking for additional birthday gift box ideas beyond the birthday gift basket, check out our birthday celebration gifts.

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