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Bridesmaid Gifts 101: Bridesmaid Gift Ideas and Bridesmaids Gifting Etiquete Advice for the Bride-to-Be

Bride squad unite! Your bridal party is your main support system during wedding planning, your big day, and so much more. It’s important to show how grateful you are with thoughtful bridesmaid gift boxes along the way. Not sure when, how, and what to gift? We have you covered with everything you need to know about bridesmaid gift etiquette. 

Today's bride generally looks to give personalized bridesmaid gifts on three occasions during the wedding cycle:  1) for the bridesmaid proposals, 2) as bridesmaid favors during the bachelorette party or bachelorette weekend getaway, and 3) as bridesmaid thank you gifts on the wedding day.

1. Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts: The bridesmaid proposal gift has truly become an expected part of the ritual today. The bridesmaid proposal box doesn't need to be expensive, it just needs to be celebratory. After all, what could say "you're important to me" more than asking someone to be by your side in the wedding party as you make the most important commitment of your life? Because this is a time to celebrate, a custom box for a bridesmaid proposal often includes festive gift items such as sparkling beverages, confetti poppers and personal spa items. If you can't be there in person with the bridesmaid ask, it's common to include an item that says "will you" or "will you be my bridesmaid" so you're sure they get the message. 

Looking for the perfect Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gifts? Knack has cute ask a bridesmaid gift ideas for everyone on your list. Think spa gifts, rosé-themed gift boxes, and other fun options. We even have a bridesmaid gift proposal stamp that says “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” to include in your gift message card, 

2. Bachelorette Event Favors: Cute bridesmaid gifts for the bachelorette party are also a thoughtful way to thank your bridesmaids for the work they put into planning and preparing for the bachelorette event. Common themes include "bachelorette survival kit gifts", special tumblers or wine glasses to celebrate during the event, or spa items to pamper your bridesmaids back. 

Shop our custom bridesmaid gift boxes or create your own from scratch using our Bridesmaid Gift Builder. That way you can include all the bachelorette party survival items (eye masks, cute tumblers, matching sleep masks, etc) but also put your own personal spin on it!

3. Bridesmaid Thank You Gifts On Wedding Day: So the big day has arrived... hooray! Show your bridal party how thankful you are for their support through everything. Want to know the secret formula for the perfect day-of bridesmaid gift? The ideal bridesmaid thank you gift for the wedding day includes three elements:

  1. First, include a special, durable item your bridesmaids will keep forever, just like your friendship. This might be a personal accessory such as jewelry or a lovely spa robe, or a decorative or useful item they'll keep and cherish in their home.
  2. Second, include something useful for the day of the wedding itself. Depending on the type of wedding you're having, this could be anything from a picnic blanket to a water bottle to champagne stems. 
  3. And finally, sprinkle in a fun surprise to make your gift extra festive. This might include a sparkling beverage, confetti popper, or a sweet treat. 

Our bridesmaid gift builder can help you pull together the perfect day-of-wedding bridesmaid gift for your wedding. Or start with one of our curated bridesmaid gifts. Spoil them with a deluxe spa gift set to help relax after the festivities or a celebratory bridesmaid thank you gift box. We also have some affordable bridesmaid gifts that are just as sweet.

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