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Lasting client relationships are built on authenticity and shared values

That’s why so many service businesses trust Knack with their client gifts.

​We’ll help you create gifts as unique as you and your clients are. Gifts that thank clients for trusting you with their business and reinforce your company values that compelled them to work with you in the first place.

​Whether you need a VIP gift to celebrate a client’s personal event, holiday gifts for hundreds of clients or a turnkey private company gift store, we have a solution that’s right for you.

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Expert Client Gifting

Lasting client relationships are built on authenticity and shared values. That’s why so many service businesses trust Knack with their client gifts.

​Corporate gifts for clients can play an important role in your business success because of the personal relationships they create. They're a type of social contract that binds you and the recipient in a relationship. Giving gifts to your clients builds social connection, but you must be intentional about how you give.

The Role of Corporate Gifts for Clients in Business Success 

Gifts have been an intentional way of building community for thousands of years. One well-known example is the North American potlatch tradition which bonded communities together in a complex system of giving and receiving. These events were not only about giving gifts; they were about creating social bonds that encouraged reciprocity.

The same goes for appreciation and gift giving in your business. You want your clients and colleagues to feel appreciated, valued, and understood. You also want them to connect with you, value your product/service, and be ready to reciprocate through an ongoing business connection and via referrals. By being intentional with your corporate gifts for clients, you build your business network.

Build Your Corporate Gift Giving ROI

When you give a meaningful gift to someone else, your personal connection becomes stronger. Gifting is an opportunity to increase employee and client feelings of loyalty and connection: the Business Gifting Survey showed that 81 percent of gift recipients said they felt appreciated by the giver, while 39 percent said they felt more connected, and 36 percent felt more loyal to the giver. Yet many businesses forget about this relationship building aspect of gifting and give an impersonal gift when they could do so much more.

How do you achieve this feeling of connection and loyalty? It's not only about what you spend. According to SMBCEO, "Getting the best ROI on a corporate gift is more about being impressive than being lavish."

How can your gift be impressive?

  • Gifts that are high-end, no matter how small. Any gift that you give should feel luxurious, not cheap. It’s better to give a small, high-end gift than a larger, inexpensive poorly-made gift. Whatever you choose should feel like it's put together in a way that makes unboxing itself part of the experience. Incorporate elements of handcrafted or high-end luxury that your business clients and colleagues might not normally enjoy.
  • Gifts that share your personality and values. Give a little piece of yourself and build stronger connections. Recipients appreciate gifts that say something about you.

Customized Gifts Are More Meaningful 

Gifts aren't only about give and take. They're about giving part of yourself to another person and making that person feel deeply appreciated. When you're considering what kind of corporate gifts to give, remember business gifts should not be one size fits all. According to the Business Gifting Survey, 83 percent of your business colleagues would prefer a unique and personal gift over cash or a gift card. It's not just about the gift: personal, custom gifts can improve your business relationship.

However, the conundrum is that while you want to create custom client gift ideas for each individual, you have many clients and employees, and it often takes too much time to completely customize each gift during major gifting opportunities such as the end of the year.

What can you do to create a sense of customization and meaning behind each gift?

Curate a selection of client gift ideas that allow you to take the recipient’s preferences into account. For example, a whiskey aficionado will truly appreciate a Scotch kit complete with handblown whiskey glasses. However, that same gift may not make the same impression with someone who does not drink. A special plant in a creative container paired with a natural candle may be a better option for that individual.

And then, make your connection personal by adding a note for each recipient. The note should not only say what you value about that person, it should also tell the story of why you chose this particular gift. That story sticks with your recipient and continues to build a social connection.

At Knack, we're here to make corporate gift-giving simpler.  We’re business gifting experts with specialists ready to help you. Our Account Specialists can provide a wealth of client gift ideas that you can customize to meet your exact specifications.

Download our 2019 Business Gifting Satisfaction Report for the latest data on US business gifting trends, or contact an account specialist to discuss your brand and your gifting objectives.  

Just want to explore Knack's business gifting options on your own? Download our Knack For Business presentation, view our customizable gift collections, or try out our Gift Builders to get started.

How To Stop Your Branded Client Gifts From Being Regifted

We’ve all received them before — a water bottle, a sweatshirt, a day planner, all branded with a company logo.

The quality might be great. And they’re useful items. But still. Branded gifts are just that — branded— when they could be so much more personal. While the intent of the gift giver may have been well-meaning, branded gifts don’t feel as special to recipients. And we have proof.

In our 2017 Business Gift Satisfaction Report, we asked 500 gift recipients how they feel about business partner gifting. The results indicate that there are more meaningful ways to gift.

  • Only 9% of recipients say that gifts with logos make them feel special
  • Items that include the company’s logo make the gift 25% less likely to be described as memorable
  • People who received gifts with the company’s logo were 30% less likely to report that they were satisfied or very satisfied with the gift
  • Company branded gifts of any sort rank at the bottom of the reference list – below unique and useful items, gift cards, food, wine, gifts that give back, and spa products – with only 33% of respondents indicating branded items as their top or second choice gift category

Unfortunately, many items with company logos on them end up being “re-gifted” in some way after being received. This varies by region of the country, but in general, it’s a toss-up on whether the item you took pains to brand with your logo will in fact stay around long enough to remind the recipient of your company.

By region, here’s what motivates recipients to keep their branded gifts: 


The Pros & Cons of Branded Gifts

To be fair, some people love their company swag — t-shirts, hats and tote bags. These types of gifts can be useful, as well as an expression of team pride if the recipients feel proud of the companies they work for, or if the design of the items is particularly cool.

Here are some takeaways from our survey if you’re on the fence about the value of branded swag.

Pros of Branded Gifts
  • It’s easy. There are many manufacturers of such products and they can be inexpensive.
  • If you select an item that’s uniquely appealing, 40% of recipients will be tempted to keep the item bearing your brand’s logo.
  • About 33% of business gift recipients rate company-branded items as one of their top two preferred gift choices. So there are quite a few people out there who proudly sport their swag. But for the most part, people prefer to get logoed products from their employers more than from partners or service providers, where such gifts feel more like "marketing" to them than a true gift. 

In these instances, take care to select products of high quality and usefulness. That will increase the likelihood that the recipient actually uses the gift. Ideas include an insulated water bottle from a local brand, or a thick blanket embroidered with your logo — perfect for the beach or tailgating. If the products have interesting stories about their makers or origins, that goes a long way toward creating appeal in the recipient’s mind.

Cons of Branded Gifts

  • Only 9% of recipients say that gifts with logos make them feel special.
  • Recipients who received company-branded items are 30% less likely to report satisfaction with the gift.
  • Gifts that include a company-branded item are 25% less likely to be described as memorable.

Taken all together, those data points tell us that branded gifts come across as cop-outs to the vast majority of clients and employees. Why waste your investment on a gift that doesn’t reinforce how much you appreciate the recipient?

Another Way to Approach Branded Gifts — Brand the Box Instead

Often, companies that want to give a thoughtful, branded gift call us for ideas. We had a customer who wanted to put their logo on a beautiful Brooklyn slate cheeseboard that we carry. We even called the merchant to see if it was possible (it was).

But if you’re hosting a party and laying out a delicious spread, do you really want your guests to see that that cheese course was brought to you by Company X?

We worked with our client to craft an alternative gift of the gorgeous cheeseboard (sans logo) and other accoutrements. Now, every time their recipients pull out the cheeseboard to entertain, they’ll think warm thoughts of the company that gave it to them.

Worrying about being forgotten isn’t a good reason to slap a logo on an item, and in fact, it may cause the recipient to consider your gift a marketing tactic.

That’s why we recommend that you place your brand’s logo on the outside of your gift, either on the box, a branded card, or a personal message with details about how much you value the recipient.

Whatever direction you choose to go with your business gift, remember to keep it personal and useful to the recipient. And you can never go wrong choosing products of the highest quality. Those little details stand out, reinforcing your appreciation for all that the recipient has done for your company.