Corporate Gifting Tips for Holiday 2021

Christmas Isn't Canceled! Supply Chain Tips & Tricks for Holiday Gifting

It's no secret that holiday supply chain delays are a real issue this year. And with gift season approaching, we want to assure you that Knack is prepared to deliver unique custom gifts for your team, clients, colleagues, and beyond. We're talking on-time gifts, personalized and ready to spread all the holiday joy you hope for.

To get ahead of the gifting game this festive season, check out our video below to see how we will work with you to avoid supply chain delays and help you send hassle-free business gifts for the holidays. View advice from our founder, Laura Jennings, and our VP of Merchandising, Kurt Petonke, to help you conquer this holiday gift season.

Tip 1: Order Early
Place your order early and we'll make sure your order is secure and delivered in time for the holidays.

Tip 2: Build in Extra Time for Shipping
Orders that usually take 7 days are now taking 14 days. Make sure to factor that into your timeline when ordering.

Tip 3: Order by November 19th to Take advantage of Our Custom Packaging and Charitable Donation Promotion (Offer restricted to corporate orders of $10K+, placed through corporate sales only, contact us)
No joke! We want to give you some incentive to get your gifts there on time. A custom belly band or a charitable donation are just a few clicks away...

Tip 4: Ask for Help! We’re Your Partner in Holiday Gifting
We're here to help. Our gifting experts can help you create the perfect, on-brand gift for your team. Just reach out with any questions!

Tip 5: Flexibility Is Key
If you can't find what you're looking for, we’re sure to have something amazing that you might not have thought of. With over 500 items to choose from, we can help you curate the perfect gift.

Ready to start shopping? Check out our 2021 Holiday Collection and our 2021 Holiday Lookbook for inspiration. Or contact us by phone at 206-557-4525 or email at

How To Holiday-ize Any Gift

Holiday gifting for your employees, clients, and colleagues can feel overwhelming at times. That's why we're here to help you bring some holiday cheer to any gift. Check out our video below on how to "holiday-ize" any gift, and watch as our Corporate Buyer, Ally Bruner, shows how to add that festive charm with three simple tips.

Tip 1: Add a Holiday Sentiment
Sometimes all it takes is a little holiday sentiment to make it merry. We love jcoco's truffle bars for their pretty packaging and variety of three different flavors. You can choose from three sentiments: "Merry Christmas," "Happy Hanukkah", and "Happy Holidays." Add this to any box to make it the perfect holiday gift. We also have holiday sentiment candles, mugs, and cookies that would do the trick just as well.

Here’s how to add a Holiday Item to any Knack :

  1. Choose your favorite Knack
  2. Click the "add to this gift" tab
  3. Select the category of "Holiday-ize"

Tip 2: Swap Out an Item for a Holiday-themed One
Choose a gift box you know they'll love and just swap out an item for one of our holiday products. Our best-selling gift set Life in Balance is one of our favorite wellness knacks. For holiday, we recommend swapping out the existing candle for a “Happy Holidays” one.

Tip 3: Pick a Sweet with Holiday Packaging
Using treats with holiday packaging is a great way to bring a sweet festive touch to any gift. Fran's Chocolates is a local favorite that has some beautiful (and delicious) options this season.

Ready to start shopping? Check out our 2021 Holiday Collection and our 2021 Holiday Lookbook for inspiration. Or contact us by phone at 206-557-4525 or email at

The Best Activity Gifts for Virtual Parties and Beyond

We have a lot of customers looking for ways to stay connected with their teams while working from home. Our solution? Activity gifts! These engaging goodies make zoom a fun place for virtual happy hours, your next meeting, or even just ice breakers for new hires. They also make a great digital detox gift for employees to spend time with family and friends.

Watch the video below to see some of our bestselling activity gifts and a few of our favorite games that bring the laughs for your next virtual event. Happy (activity) gifting!

Bestselling Activity Gift Boxes

After Dinner Drinks Gift Box
Great for a virtual happy hour, this gift has three cocktail syrups, two rocks glasses, and a fun trivia game the whole team can play.

Popcorn & Movie Night Gift Box
This is one of our bestsellers, and for good reason. It has everything they need for delicious popcorn and a fun movie night. Inside they’ll find a popcorn cookbook, a popcorn popper, popcorn kernels, popcorn seasoning, and movie trivia to incorporate while watching a movie. Use it as for a team movie night with family and friends.

Fun & Games
Why send one gift when you can send seven? Great for virtual happy hours or fun breakout sessions during long meetings, the games will bring hours of entertainment. The paper games include Tic-Tac-Toe, Dots and Boxes, Hedron, Nim, and Hex. Plus they'll enjoy a colorful deck of cards, and the always popular Bananagrams. The Mexican Cha-Cha cookies add a sweet finishing touch.

Some More to Consider...

Brilliant or BS Card Game

This is a fun one that’s all about bluffing. We love it for team building and virtual happy hours. Question categories include Entertainment, Food & Drink, Geography, Sports, History, and Science.

1990’s Music Trivia Quiz

Two teams take turns answering trivia questions about songs from the 90s to score points. Our favorite detail? They have to sing a line from the song to earn extra points. Roller blades, scrunchies, and slap bracelets are optional.


It’s a classic for a reason. And dare we say, it might possibly be more entertaining on zoom? Categories include: Song, Book, Film, Television, and Theatre.

Popcorn Puzzle

The popcorn jigsaw puzzle is one in a food series of fun puzzles by Little Puzzle Thing®. The puzzle is made of sturdy chipboard and can be completed in less than 20 minutes. It's a great way for adults and kids to take a digital break.

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