You choose a collection.
They select their gift.

  • Gift invitations are sent instantly via email
  • Their gift arrives wrapped with a card from you
  • No shipping address needed
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Delivered in a picture-perfect box with a personal message written by you and an optional video message.


Will a Swift Gift still feel like a gift?

Yes. Your gift will arrive in our beautiful packaging and include a gift card with their name. A Swift Gift is treated just like any other Knack gift and has all the same gift customization features that give it your personal touch and make it feel special.

How can I customize this gift?

There are so many ways to help your gift stand out! You can customize the gift card by writing a thoughtful message and uploading a personal photo or choosing an occasion stamp (Thank You, Congratulations, etc.). You'll also have the opportunity to record a video message that will be delivered with your gift via a link to a unique web page. Each Knack gift comes with it's own web page where video messages can be retrieved, you can send a thank you note, and learn more about all the products in your gift and the merchants who made them. And a Swift Gift is exactly the same.

Shipping Tracking & Delivery

Can a Swift Gift be shipped to an international address?

No. At this time, orders placed on our website can only be shipped to a U.S. address.

Will I be able to track their gift when it ships?

We'll send you an email the moment your recipient chooses a gift so you'll know the process is underway! But because your recipient actually enters their own shipping information, they’ll receive the FedEx tracking details.

Can I cancel my Swift Gift?

Unfortunately, no, you can't cancel once the 'digital' Swift Gift has been sent to the recipient. All sales are final. Once you purchase, your recipient has 30 days to choose a gift they'll love.

When will the Swift Gift ship?

The gift recipient has 30 days to redeem their gift so the shipment of the physical gift depends on when they redeem.

Oops! I entered the wrong email address. What should I do?

Fortunately, you'll also get a copy of the 'digital' Swift Gift via email. So, if for some reason, you realize that you’ve entered the wrong email address when you purchased, you'll be able to forward the digital gift link to the correct address yourself.

Keep in mind that each 'digital' Swift Gift is unique and can only be used once. So if you forward it to more than one person, only the first person to use it will be allowed to choose a gift.

Can I use a discount code?

Of course! As long as your Swift Gift meets the requirements of the promotional offer, you're good to go.

The Recipient’s Experience

Will the gift recipient know how much I spent on their gift?

No. When they select their gift, all prices are "hidden" to keep everything discreet.

How quickly will the gift recipient receive the gift?

When you select a Swift Gift, the "digital gift" is sent immediately in the form of an email to the gift recipient. The recipient has 30 days to redeem the gift.

What if my recipient doesn't choose a gift?

We work hard to help your recipient select a gift by sending a series of reminder emails. If your recipient hasn't chosen a gift, we'll send them a message after three, seven, and then 30 days. We'll also send a copy of the 'digital' Swift Gift to you, so you can forward it to them yourself in case you suspect they’re not opening our emails.