Unique gifts for him that are fun to put together. 



Whether they’re a back-country hiker, a romantic first date picnicker, or a raucous tailgate host, they need a gift that’s ripe for adventure. Our picks are trail-tested and ready for action.


From Twain to Faulkner, Bogart to Sinatra, Churchill to Prince Harry, sipping whiskey has long been a cherished pastime of great men. (And the women who tolerate them.)




Top 5 Unique Gifts for Him

Ladies, I think we can all relate to each other when it comes to shopping for men. Whether you're shopping for your dad, brother, boyfriend, or husband, gift giving never seems to get easier. Most men deliver the same dreaded responses year after year: "I don’t care what you get me," "Surprise me," Or – even worse – "Don't get me anything!"  

How do we, as thoughtful women, select a gift that will provide utility, delight, and surprise? Get personal! When you're shopping for the perfect gift, think about your guy's unique personality. Is he a foodie, outdoorsman, or a cocktail enthusiast? Once you hone into what he's most passionate about, it's easy to choose a pre-curated (or custom) gift set.  

Here's a few of our favorite gift sets: 

#1 Unique Gift for Him 

If your guy is a cocktail enthusiast, consider "The Bartender's Favorites" gift set. Every good bartender understands that knowing (and having!) the basics is essential for making the best drinks. You'll stock his bar cart with metal straws, garnish picks, a cocktail rimmer, and stir sticks. What guy wouldn't love that? You might even ask for a cosmopolitan. 

#Unique Gift for Him

If he likes to spend his free time outside, our "Hammock and Chill" gift set may be one of his favorites! With an insulated tumblerlightweight hammock, and a sweet chocolate treat, this will provide him with the ultimate mid-day escape. Best part? This portable set is small enough to fit in his backpack – perfect for an avid adventurer. 

#3 Unique Gift for Him

Is your special guy a grilling master? If so, the "Carnivore's Delight" will bring him a juicy, smoky, falling-off-the-bone meal. Complete with a tasty steak rub, BBQ sauce, spicy mustard, cedar grilling planks, and a clever kitchen towel, your guy will be a top-notch pro in no time!  

*Give him extra bonus points if he decides to cook a meal for YOU with this set! 

#4 Unique Gift for Him

If he's constantly on the go and has a hectic schedule, give him a boost of energy! "The Caffeinator" gift set includes a carafe, pour over dripper, insulated glasses, and a bag of Stumptown coffee beans (one of our favorite blends). The entire set is versatile enough to fit on his desk – perfect for a quick pick-me-up between meetings and presentations. 

#5 Unique Gift for Him

Is he creative spirit looking for a fresh perspective? Our "Leonardo da Vinci Book Lover's Gift Set" pairs an intriguing biography, sketchbook, artist pencils, and a long point sharpener together to form the perfect gift. We know your guy will love to reflect and sketch about one of history's most prominent artists. 

Still can't decide what your guy will loveOur concierge can help you create a memorable, personable gift. Contact us today – we'd love to help you!