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Every gift is made to order, with your branding, to bring joy to both you and your recipient.
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We provide flexible technology and expert gift specialists to help you create the perfect gift every time.


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Everything you need to make your 2019 holiday gift planning successful and hassle-free!

  • Helpful advice
  • Planning timeline
  • Vendor evaluation worksheet
  • Process checklists
  • Links to useful online tools


Top 5 Holiday Business Gift Tips

It may feel like summer just ended but when it comes to your holiday business gift strategy, the clock is officially ticking. It’s time to get ahead of the game so read on to see our expert tips for efficiently ensuring you meet your customer, employee, and client experience gifting goals this holiday season.

Holiday Business Gift Tip #1: Get Organized Now

Getting organized is the very first step to making sure your holiday business gift buying process is as efficient, stress-free, and successful as possible. Gift recipients can easily tell if a gift is an afterthought or feels rushed, so we recommend starting this process sooner rather than later—ideally, right after Labor Day or even before. Fortunately, preparing doesn’t take much time. And we have the tools to help you figure out everything in flash: Holiday Business Gift Checklist, Gift Purpose & Budget Worksheet, Brand Values Worksheet, and Timing Tips. All of these tools are part of our Holiday Business Gifting Toolkit. Download the toolkit now
Some additional tools you'll find valuable for getting organized: 'What to Spend' Gift Calculator & the Business Gifting Strategy Report.

Holiday Business Gift Tip #2: Gift Vendor Research & Evaluation

In a perfect world, we would all have personal assistants to plan, shop for, wrap, and ship our holiday business gifts. Unfortunately, very few of us have that luxury. And if any of us do, that assistant is likely up to their ears with everything else they have to do for the upcoming holiday. That’s where a savvy business gift vendor is crucial. A good gift vendor offers corporate holiday gift services that cover everything from gift curation and selection to wrapping, creating gift messages, and shipping. They also generally have an abundance of helpful services and information related to gift delivery and timing that you can take advantage of. To find the perfect gift vendor, use our Vendor Research Tips & Evaluation Worksheet in our Holiday Business Gifting Toolkit to make the process of selecting one easier.

Holiday Business Gift Tip #3: Make Your List & Check it Twice

So you’re almost to the fun part: shopping for your holiday business gifts with your chosen gift vendor. But before you do that, organize your gift recipients so (a) you don’t miss anyone and (b) make sure you have their current addresses to ensure the shipping process runs smoothly. Use our Holiday Gift Recipient & Address Guide in our Holiday Business Gifting Toolkit to help you through this part of the process.

Holiday Business Gift Tip #4: Shop with Client Experience & Employee Appreciation in Mind

OK, now you can shop for your gifts. Have fun! Be sure to use the recipient, brand purpose, and ethos information you gathered in Tip 1 to make your selections and utilize your vendor’s expertise to help you curate the perfect employee, business partner, and client experience gifts. Personalized, unforgettable gifts await!

Holiday Business Gift Tip #5: Personalize Gifts With Meaningful Messaging & Branding

So you’ve selected your corporate holiday gifts, and you’re all ready to ship, right? Not quite yet. You’re almost there though. You’ll want to further customize your holiday business gifts with thoughtful messages and your company branding. Again, your gift vendor likely has tools and expertise help you do this so make sure you leverage everything they have to offer. Read our Gift Messaging & Branding Tips in our Holiday Business Gifting Toolkit now.
OK, you’re all set for holiday business gifts! Download the full Holiday Business Gifting Toolkit here with all of the above tools compiled in one place. Need more information or want a personal consultation? Get in touch