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Lovely Gifts,

The so-much-better-than-a-gift-card solution for last-minute gifts. You give. They choose. We send.


1. Add a Lightning Gift to your cart
2. Enter your recipient's email address
3. We email them a link to choose their gift
4. We let you know when they've chosen their gift


Each collection includes 9 bestselling gifts for your recipient to choose from.

Lightning Gift FAQ

Will it still feel like a gift?
Yes. Your gift will arrive in our beautiful gift packaging with their name card on the front.

What if my recipient doesn't choose a gift?
We work hard to help your recipient select a gift by sending a series of reminder emails. If your recipient hasn't chosen a gift, we'll send them a message after three, seven, and then 30 days. We'll also send a copy of the 'digital gift' to you, so you can forward it to them yourself in case you suspect they’re not opening our emails. 
If your digital gift has not been used after 60 days from the purchase date, we'll provide you a gift card credit and let you know you about it via email.

Oops! I entered the wrong email address. What should I do? 
Fortunately, you'll also get a copy of the 'digital gift' via email. So, if for some reason, you realize that you’ve entered the wrong email address when you purchased, you'll be able to forward the 'digital gift' to the correct address yourself. 
Keep in mind that each 'digital gift' is unique and can only be used once. So if you forward it to more than one person, only the first person to use it will be allowed to choose a gift. 

Will I be able to track their gift when it ships? 
We'll send you an email the moment your recipient chooses a gift so you'll know the process is underway!​ But because your recipient actually enters their own shipping information, they’ll receive the FedEx tracking details.

Can I cancel my Lightning Gift?
No, you can't cancel your gift once the 'digital gift' has been sent to the recipient. However, if your recipient hasn’t selected a gift within 60 days you will receive a credit in the form of a digital gift card that you can use at KNACKSHOPS.COM. 

When will my Lightning Gift ship?
It will ship within one business day after your recipient chooses a gift.

Can I use a discount code?
Of course! As long as your Lightning Gift meets the requirements of the promotional offer, you're good to go.

About Lightning Gift

Last-Minute Gift Shoppers, Rejoice! Lightning Gift Has Your Back

In an ideal world, we’d all have ample time to research, plan, leisurely shop, wrap, and send a perfect holiday gift to everyone on our list. But let’s get real—we’re all way too busy for that! More often than not, we’re scrambling to pull together last-minute gift ideas for the holidays and feeling stressed out during the process.  

That’s where Lightning Gift comes in. Our latest gifting innovation is designed to not only you save you time and hassle, but also be fun, too. It’s a little like a gift card app but it’s so much better! Keep reading to see what it's all about.

How Lightning Gift Works: The Ultimate Last-Minute Gift Idea

This is going to seem absurdly easy but stay with us. First, on our Lightning Gift Page you’ll select a ‘Lightning Gift’ for $60, $90, or $135.

Next, you enter your gift recipient’s email. Then you’ll be taken through a standard checkout process where you’ll enter payment.

We take over from there. We’ll email your gift recipient a unique 'digital gift,' which is a link to an online collection of at least nine beautiful gifts. Prices are not visible and shipping and tax are already included. The recipient chooses a favorite from the gift collection and enters their shipping address. Then, we ship them their gift!

That’s essentially it. We’ll send you a confirmation email to let you know they’ve made a gift selection. And they’ll get a confirmation and shipping notice once they’ve chosen a gift and entered their shipping address.

Lightning Gift Solves Your Last-Minute Christmas Gift Problems

  • No Idea What They’ll Like? Lightning Gift takes the hassle of trying to pick the perfect gift out of your hands by letting the gift recipient choose their own. Each gift collection has nine gifts to choose from.
  • You Waited Too Long to Get Them Something? No problem! Recipients receive their gift token in minutes. You could even wait until late on December 24th to purchase, and the Lightning Gift would definitely arrive by Christmas.
  • Don’t Know Their Mailing Address? All you need is their email address. They enter their shipping information after choosing their gift.

More Info + Start Shopping Instant Gift for Last-Minute Gifts

If you're looking for more in-depth details about Knack’s Lightning Gift, visit our FAQs. Ready to get started? Click here.