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“Is the chicken local?” One of Portlandia’s iconic early scenes pokes gentle fun at Portland, Oregon’s near-fanatical enthusiasm for all things hyper-local, handcrafted,  and artisanal. While Portlanders might cringe as Fred and Carrie learn their meal’s pedigree and first name, we think we can make a case for truly getting to know the makers behind your local products--and yes, that might even mean going out to their farm to see where it all begins.

Visit any weekend craft fair or funky boutique in one of Portland’s colorful neighborhoods, and you’ll have no trouble finding your next favorite handmade jam by boozy jam maven Jeannine Mills, crisp gingersnaps by Chef Pai of Bunches & Bunches, or one-of-a-kind jewelry fashioned by metalsmith Amarette Gregor. (Click to shop more Oregon-made food products or artisanal crafts.)

The commitment to small-batch Pacific Northwest goods doesn’t stop in Portland. Venture out to the coast to Netarts Bay, where Jacobsen Salt Co.’s team harvests the exceptionally pure Oregon sea salt that becomes the base for infused finishing salts, candies, and vibrant cocktail seasonings. Or, head northwest from Portland to Clatskanie, where the Seely family tends their lush 4th generation mint farm and makes fresh, festive hand-twisted peppermint and spearmint candy sticks that are perfect at the holidays.

Buying products and gifts made in Oregon and learning about the couple who makes the sassiest botanical cocktail bitters you’ve ever tasted or the Vincent family cranberry farm on the Oregon Coast (one of the few of its kind pursuing organic certification) is not just a way to earn a “locavore badge” and boost your Portland-esque hipster cred. It’s a way to deepen your connections with the merchants who make items worth cherishing and giving to others--not the big box stuff you can order just anywhere, but the products with heart. When you combine them in a gift, you’ll strengthen the relationship you share with your recipient by introducing them to small businesses they’ll love.

If you need to make a custom Oregon-themed gift basket, you’ve come to the right place. You can browse and modify our pre-made Oregon gift sets, or handpick cool crafts and artisanal food and drink to make a thoroughly unique gift set.