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Build Your Business With Partner & Referral Gifts

When your business depends on referrals, you need thank you gifts that stand out from the ordinary.

​Our unique gift ideas and easy customization capability allow you to create gifts that forge authentic connections with your referral business partners.​

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Partner & Referral Gifts

​Build Your Business With Referral Thank You Gifts

When your company depends on business partners or referrals to grow your business, gifting can play an important role in your business success. In fact, 81% of business gift recipients report feeling appreciated by the gift giver. Since appreciation drives connection, and connection drives loyalty, that’s a strong endorsement for using your gifting strategy as a brand touchpoint.

Memorability Matters and Increases Retention

Fewer than half of all business gift recipients say that their last gift was "Very Memorable," yet this is the difference between satisfying gifts and gifts that generate measurable return on investment. Here's why memorability matters: gift recipients who describe their gifts from business partners as "very memorable" are:

It's Not Always About the Money

Under the vast majority of circumstances, recipients of business gifts from vendors or business partners don't expect to receive gifts that cost over $150. Although there are interesting differences between demographic groups and regions of the US, this basic formula can be used as a general-purpose guideline for those seeking a "one-size-fits-most" approach.

Not sure what to spend? Use our "What To Spend Calculator" for specific national guidelines. 

Gift Cards Continue to Be a Safe, If Less Memorable, Strategy

We learned that gift cards continue to be a safe choice for almost everyone, but they no longer generate the memorability that strengthens personal connections. And that means that they don't say "thank you for the referral." While 71% of those who received gift cards report being "very satisfied" with their gift, only 53% described the gift as "very memorable." That's why we don't recommend gift cards as referral thank you gifts: you want unique gifts that will strengthen your relationships with key referral partners and allied business organizations. 

Millennial Gift Preferences Should Be Considered

Millennials now comprise the largest demographic group in the US workforce. They not only represent a large swath of current potential business gift recipients for referral gifts; their preferences and habits will also determine future business gifting etiquette. Tailoring the referral gift to the individual will pay especially significant dividends when gifting to millennials. This is due to a combination of their increased preference for personalization and their eagerness to feel connected to their partners.

Follow the 30 Second Referral Gift Checklist

In a hurry? You can't go wrong by following this simple formula:

  1. Give a useful item
  2. Surround the useful item with shareable gourmet food
  3. Give items that are made in the US
  4. Spend between $50-$150 depending on seniority
  5. Write a personally-addressed note

Most People Need Help with Referral Thank You Gifts – and That’s Okay.

If you feel overwhelmed by gifting, you’re not alone. A surprising amount of respondents say that they would like to give more personalized gifts but it’s difficult to do so. We’re here to help. We’re business gifting experts with specialists ready to help you. Download our 2019 Business Gifting Satisfaction Report for the latest data on US business gifting trends, or contact an account specialist to discuss your brand and your gifting objectives.  

Just want to explore Knack's business gifting options on your own? Download our Knack For Business presentation, view our customizable gift collections, or try out our Gift Builders to get started.

In conclusion, corporate gifting to partner companies and sources of referral business done well can positively impact both your brand’s perception and bottom line. It’s a worthy investment of your time that has a noticeable effect on your business relationships–and, armed with our survey insights, you’ll find it easier than ever before.

Download the full 2019 Knack Business Gift Satisfaction Report here.

When to Give Referral Partners Shareable Gifts

The gift that is for everyone in the office - when should you give it, and when should you give a gift that's for each individual alone? In The Social Psychology of the Gift, Barry Schwartz argues that gifting involves "distributive justice." One person gives, and the other keeps a silent tally and gives a gift or takes action that is of a similar value. If gifting is about this one-on-one transaction, then does it actually work to give a shareable referral thank you gift?

The Meaning of the Referral Gift 

Gifting has long been a favorite topic of sociologists, and it's a fascinating social transaction. When you give to a member of the C-Suite of the organization with which you collaborate, you're solidifying your relationship by stating that you value that organization and the individuals within it. You're also stating in an unspoken way that you expect the relationship to continue. As gifts flow back and forth, the relationship continues and builds.

The Knack 2019 Business Gift Satisfaction Report shows that "a gift that's selected just for me" is a highly meaningful kind of gift. However, what happens when you give a person in the C-Suite a gift that they can share? As it turns out, there will likely be a strong positive reaction. Why does this gift work, even though it's meant to be shared?

Why Shareability Brings Meaning 

According to Time Magazine, "scientific research provides compelling data to support the anecdotal evidence that giving is a powerful pathway to personal growth and lasting happiness." When you give a gift, you benefit psychologically as well. However, when you give a referral thank you gift that the recipient can share, that person also gains even more by sharing that gift with others. A gift that can be shared is one that gives two times over.

Who Wants Shareable Gifts? 

The 2019 Business Gift Satisfaction Report notes that the higher up in a company an individual is, the more he or she appreciates gifts that are shareable. If you're giving to your lower-level employees or to people at your partner company who are not in the C-Suite, don't expect them to share their gift around the office. Give them items that tell them that you appreciate their unique contribution to the company. As you look higher up in the office, though, consider giving a shareable gift.

Personalizing Your Shareable Gift 

One of the ways to personalize your gift is to include a message, and it's here that you can state the meaning of your gift. If your gift is shareable, then you can link this to your message as well. For instance, you could send a gift that's meant to be shared with family, noting that the person you send it to loves to host BBQs with family members. You could send a gift of luxury coffees, chocolates, and a handmade mug to a member of the C-Suite for those late nights at the office, knowing that they will share it with the team. By adding a tangible item for the individual and a note that adds personal meaning, you make that gift both personal and shareable at the same time.