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Thank You Gifts FAQ

Q: What is a good thank you gift?

A: The formula is relatively simple: context + personal taste = the perfect thank you gift. 

You should tailor your thank you gift to the context of the occasion as well as the gift recipient's personal taste. For example, if your friend lent you their car and they love coffee, a bag of artisan coffee beans along with a heartfelt note of appreciation would be a good thank you gift to express your gratitude

Q: How much should I spend on a thank you gift?

A: How much to spend depends on many factorswhat you're thanking the gift recipient for, your relationship with the recipient, and your budget, to name a fewbut in general thank you gifts don't need to be expensive. The typical range for a great gift is between $30-$100 depending on context.

However, the context of the thank you gift plays a large role in deciding what to spend. There are two broad contextual categories of thank you gifts:

  1. Reciprocal thank you gifts
  2. Relationship thank you gifts

Reciprocal thank you gifts: If you’re thanking someone for a specific act, such as a referral, meeting or favor, your goal is to acknowledge the recipient’s generosity without overwhelming them with your response. A thank you gift in the $30-$60 range should be adequate. 

Relationship thank you gifts: If you’re thanking someone for a long-term relationshipthink customers, clients or business partnersthen your thank you gift should reflect the importance of their relationship to you. In this case, while $50-$100 is the typical spending range, a thoughtful gift in the $250+ range might be perfect for a major customer or long-term client.

Keep in mind, a great thank you gift should make the recipient the hero, not you, which is why elegant simplicity is always a great gift choice to express gratitude and show your appreciation.

Q: What is a typical thank you gift for business occasions?

A:  Gifts are a vehicle for building personal connections, and that’s why even in a business setting your thank you gift should be something you believe the individual will enjoy. Need a unique gift idea? Gourmet food items make the perfect gift when in doubt.

Think outside the gift basket or gift card—gourmet gifts are the perfect way to send a special thank you with artisan chocolate, sweet treats, or tea, or coffee.

In addition to items the recipient can enjoy right away, consider adding a longer-lasting item to the gift to prolong your connection to the recipient. For example, a travel mug with a bag of artisan coffee beans, or a candle with a bar of fair-trade chocolate make unique thank you gift ideas.

One “don’t” for business thank you gifts: items with logos on them. Thank you gifts should never be confused as marketing opportunities.

Q: What should my thank you gift message say for a thank you gift I am giving to someone?

A: After writing a greeting, name something specific to the gift recipient such as how they went the extra mile, helped the company achieve a business goal, or are a valued customer. Next, tell them what's meaningful about the gift. For example, tell them why you think they'll like the gift, how you see them using it, or why you like the gift. From there, make sure you mention a point in the future in which you will connect with them. Examples of this might be: through your continued support, by getting to know them better, or working with them going forward. Finally, use the occasion for which you are sending the thank-you gift as your sign off. Examples include: congratulations, best wishes, or welcome to the company.

Q: I’m wondering how to thank someone for a gift? Should I send them a gift in return?

A: In general, no. A simple thank you card with a sincere handwritten note will suffice when you want to thank someone for a gift. Best practice is to send the thank you card within a week of receiving the gift. 

Q: When should I send a thank you gift?
A: You should send a thank you gift when an individual has performed a service that is 1) personal, 2) non-obligatory, and 3) meaningful to you. That's why it would be appropriate to send a thank you gift to a senior executive who went the extra mile to conduct an informational interview with a coworker’s colleague's college-aged son, but not to an executive recruiter conducting on-campus interviews for entry-level company positions.
It is also considered appropriate to send corporate gifts to clients and customers to thank them for their patronage, but in this case the gifting is often done for the customer group as a whole and generally on an annual basis. 

Q: I can’t figure out how to write a thank you note for a gift I received. Can you help?

A: Follow these 4 easy steps for a fool-proof thank you note for a thoughtful gift:

  1. Your first line after the greeting should directly thank the person for the gift. Be specific about what they gave you. Use a descriptive adjective to add feeling.  
  2. The next sentence should be about how you feel about the gift. 
  3. Then add in a line about how you plan to use the gift. 
  4. Repeat your thanks and then sign off.

Here’s an example:

Dear Bill,

Thank you so much for the beautiful set of wine glasses. I absolutely love them. I can’t wait to use them at my next dinner party.  

Again, thank you so much!



Expert tip: Use a piece of scratch paper to compose your first draft. This will take the pressure off. When you’re happy with what you’ve written, copy it into the final note card.

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