Inspired Gifts For
Wedding Parties

Unique wedding party gifts tailored for your celebration.


Gifts for theBRIDESMAIDS

They’ve been there through your highs and lows, approved (or not!) of your former flames, and stand ready to help make your special day a perfect one. Create custom gifts for the bridesmaids who have your back every day, not just your wedding day.


You can count on your friends to start the party, give the deepest advice, bust out the best dance moves, and tell you when you really, really should marry this one. Thank the groomsmen who’ll be standing by your side through whatever comes your way.


Uncle Nick from Chicago, Grandma Agnes from Tucson, your favorite cousin who’s flying in with his 2-week-old baby – the people you love are the true heart and soul of your wedding day. Welcome them with these VIP gifts.