Mike Gift Set
Mike Gift Set
Mike Gift Set
Mike Gift Set


Fine Virginia Peanuts

Virginia Cocktail


Classic, nutty, and always a pleasant surprise, Virginia Cocktail Peanuts are a wise host's staple snack. These organic peanuts are harvested and hand-packed in Virginia, roasted with organic canola oil, and dusted with pure sea salt. Special variety flavors include Toffee (sea salt peanut clusters in a sweet butter toffee) and Cajun (an intense mix of secret organic spices).


Simple Paper Bag


Sometimes it just doesn't feel like shopping if you're not (gently, gently!) swinging a shopping bag. The Knack Simple Paper Bag is an excellent choice when you want a lighter container in which to nestle your treasures and a box or jar doesn't seem quite right. Bag measures 8" x 8" x 4".
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  • High quality paper with embossed cardstock cover
  • Custom-printed and assembled to order
  • Includes your custom message, list of gift items, and stories about the artisans who made the products in your gift
  • Complimentary with every Knack gift
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