Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup

Woodinville Whiskey Co.


When the Woodinville Whiskey Co. finishes with their bourbon and rye whiskey barrels, they refill them with pure, grade-A, dark amber maple syrup harvested in the eastern United States. The syrup is left to age gracefully where it absorbs all the delicious flavors from the barrel: vanilla, caramel, wood spice, and best of all: a hint of whiskey!

Wildflower Honey

Ballard Bee Company


Sweeten the deal with a jar of Pacific Northwest honey. Varied in color from light gold to a medium amber, Ballard Bee Company's 5 oz wildflower honey encompasses a range of rich creamy flavors from dark cherry and spices to bold jasmine. Ballard Bee Company's specialty honeys are harvested from neighborhood hives around Seattle, each one bearing distinctive notes of the local flora.


Jonboy Caramels


Treat yourself to handmade Jonboy Caramels and prepare for sticky fingers. The rich original caramel studded with sea salt is a flawless take on a classic. Handmade in Seattle, these sweet morsels are a staple of neighborhood farmers' markets year-round.

Simple Paper Bag


Sometimes it just doesn't feel like shopping if you're not (gently, gently!) swinging a shopping bag. The Knack Simple Paper Bag is an excellent choice when you want a lighter container in which to nestle your treasures and a box or jar doesn't seem quite right. Bag measures 8" x 8" x 4".
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  • High quality paper with embossed cardstock cover
  • Custom-printed and assembled to order
  • Includes your custom message, list of gift items, and stories about the artisans who made the products in your gift
  • Complimentary with every Knack gift
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