Clear Keepsake Paint Can Gift Set
Clear Keepsake Paint Can Gift Set
Clear Keepsake Paint Can Gift Set
Clear Keepsake Paint Can Gift Set
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Clear Keepsake Paint Can

Pick up a clear keepsake paint can for a playful way to store and display your gifts. The plastic pails are ideal for arts, crafts, decoration, party favors, and general storage. If you plan to repurpose your paint can for use around the home, please note that these containers are not designed for liquids, though they are approved to store food. Choose from 1 gallon, 1 quart, or 10 oz cans.





  • Your gift's "Knackbook" is housed on top of the belly band that wraps the gift box. It's the very first thing they'll see.
  • The unique z-fold card construction allows it to be displayed upright on a desk or mantle.
  • On the back of the card they'll find a QR code and a link directing them to your gift's very own web page. This special web page includes your gift message, your optional voice message recording, and stories about the exceptional products included in the gift.
  • Don't worry, all of these features are complimentary!