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Bar Spoon

W & P Design


If you're taking the time to mix up a wonderful cocktail, not just any old spoon will do for the "stirred, not shaken" set. Pick up W & P Design's Stainless Steel Bar Spoon to mix up your boozy concoctions. The twisted stem allows for easy gripping, and the dishwasher safe spoon pairs with the W & P Mixing Glass and Cocktail Strainer to make a complete mixology set. Use the petite three-pronged fork on the other end to chase down stray garnishes.

Backpacker Cologne

Juniper Ridge


Wilderness perfume made around the campfire transports wanderlusting hikers back to the trail. Juniper Ridge's wildharvesting technique extracts fragrance from wildflowers, plants, bark, moss, mushrooms, and tree trimmings harvested at the source and steam-distilled. Splash Backpacker Cologne for men and women onto skin and hair, and don't worry about overdoing it--it's just nature's goodness. Choose from Big Sur or Siskiyou.

Premium Gift Packaging


  • Our signature keepsake gift box: high-gloss white paperboard with magnetic flap closure
  • Delightful display: products are hand-packed in crinkle cut paper fill and folded tissue
  • Instantly giftable: hand-cut ribbon and decorative sticker ensure elegant "ready to give!" presentation, no wrapping paper required
  • Keepsake quality: store assorted sundries or use for another gift
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  • High quality paper with embossed cardstock cover
  • Custom-printed and assembled to order
  • Includes your custom message, list of gift items, and stories about the artisans who made the products in your gift
  • Complimentary with every Knack gift
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