Essentially Geared Wine In A Can
Essentially Geared Wine In A Can

Wine in a can is the portable pleasure you never knew you needed, and it's anything but guilty. Essentially Geared Wine Co.'s mission is to make great wine that can go anywhere, from campsites to garden parties, so they've chosen to put their tasty California Chardonnay and Red Blend into sustainable, lightweight cans. Fully recyclable with no corkscrew necessary, these cans of thoughtfully-crafted wine are a fun and delicious new way to sip.

California Chardonnay tasting notes: think golden apple crisp and rooftop parties, pair with fried chicken, ramen noodles, and nachos supreme.

California Red tasting notes: think chocolate strawberries and campfire stories, pair with street tacos, grilled cheese, and tater tots. 


  • Each can 375 ml
  • California Chardonnay: 13.5% ABV
  • California Red: 13.9% ABV