Festival Hopping 101 Gift Set
Festival Hopping 101 Gift Set
Festival Hopping 101 Gift Set
Festival Hopping 101 Gift Set
Festival Hopping 101 Gift Set
Festival Hopping 101 Gift Set
Festival Hopping 101 Gift Set
Festival Hopping 101 Gift Set
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Festival Hopping 101

Everything you need for a weekend festival: featherweight backpack, lighthearted diversions, and a flask that won't set off the metal detector. Just sayin'.

Matador's FreeRain24 backpack is constructed from the finest, most lightweight materials in the outdoor gear industry. This 24 liter capacity pack weighs only 5.5 oz when packed, and is watertight and puncture-resistant, ideal for carrying all your supplies. Make room in your pack for a Bush Smarts hip flask and a set of old school paper games from Fredericks & Mae, because if anything's certain about festivals, it's that the drinks are expensive and the lines are long. We'd never let you go unprepared.


  • Fredericks & Mae Paper Games include sheets for Dots & Boxes, Hex, Hedron, Nim, and Tic Tac Toe
  • Flask weighs 1.5 oz and holds 11 fl oz (330 ml)

Premium Gift Packaging


  • Classically constructed white gift box with a luxe, natural texture.
  • Knack belly band wraps the easy-lift gift box lid.
  • Built-in message pocket securely houses the gift card.
  • Gift card is printed with an occasion message graphic, your logo, or personal photo.
  • Printed vellum topper and shredded crinkle paper protect the gift items.
  • All materials are reusable and recyclable.




  • Your gift's "Knackbook" is tucked into the pocket built into the belly band that wraps the gift lid. It's the very first thing they'll see.
  • Lifting the orange tab and pulling on the outer edge of the card, will reveal the personal gift message you've written.
    • The unique z-fold card construction allows it to be displayed upright on a desk or mantle.
  • On the back of the card they'll find a QR code and a link directing them to your gift's very own web page. This special web page includes your gift message, your optional voice message recording, and stories about the exceptional products included in the gift.
  • Don't worry, all of these features are complimentary!