Salt Water Taffy
Salt Water Taffy

If you hear "salt water taffy" and imagine dusty, chewy morsels from a bin at the boardwalk candy store, it's time you tried Salty Road salt water taffy. Crafted in Brooklyn, this small-batch taffy in a charming retro-inspired box is made with real salt crystals and natural ingredients like vanilla and fresh fruit.  The Salty Caramel Apple is inspired by New York's Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Shop, this seasonal signature taffy is made with a blend of vibrant spices and Woods Cider Mill Apple Cider Jelly from Vermont.

  • Each box weighs 3.5 oz and contains 13-15 individually-wrapped pieces of taffy
  • Taffy is made with gluten-free ingredients but please note it is not made in a gluten-free kitchen
  • May contain peanuts, milk and soy
  • Taffy is not made in a nut-free kitchen