Sleeping Beauties
Sleeping Beauties

Sleeping Beauties is an eerie, provocative collaboration between Stephen King and his son Owen. Their first co-written novel takes place in a small Appalachian town where women who fall asleep undergo a mysterious metamorphosis--they become engulfed in gauzy cocoons and ferociously feral when disturbed. Eve is the exception, an enigmatic ringleader immune to the "sleeping disease" that threatens to become a pandemic. Meanwhile, left in a world without women, the men of the town turn to panic, violence, and chaos, taking sides in their newly uncertain reality.

The Kings' thrilling, unusual tale takes an unflinching look at contemporary gender politics, infused with dark, fairytale twists and the gripping intensity longtime King fans crave.


  • 6.1" w x 9.2" h x 2.1" d
  • Hardcover, 720 pages