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Artisan Dark Chocolate Assortment

Forte Chocolates


Life is like a box of chocolates--except, with this one, we can tell you exactly what you're gonna get. This box of 6 dark chocolates from Forte Chocolates is a swoon-worthy assortment of award-winning confections. Box includes 2 classic signature dark truffles with cocoa butter and a luxurious ganache, 2 pure dark chocolate covered honey caramels sparkling with Flor de Sal sea salt, and 2 cherry almond truffles that combine roasted almonds, tart cherry preserves, and smooth butter ganache enrobed in 64% dark chocolate. Pair this tantalizing box of truffles with wine or send alone for a beautiful gift. (Depending on availability, you will receive a burgundy, brown or ivory box. The chocolates inside are the same.)

Please note: In order to preserve the pristine quality of these chocolates and spare you the tragedy of melted chocolate, we are unable to ship to locations where temperatures exceed 75 degrees. 


2013 Columbia Valley Lagniappe Syrah

Gramercy Cellars


The 2013 Columbia Valley Lagniappe Syrah from Gramercy Cellars features a bold 80%-20% blend of Red Willow Vineyard and Forgotten Hills grapes. It bears the excellent, medium-bodied intensity of Yakima Valley Syrahs and complex, classic notes of sappy herbs, spring flowers, licorice, black pepper, and dark fruits. Named after a French/Cajun phrase for "a little something extra," this Lagniappe Syrah earned an Outstanding 93-95 point ranking from Wine Spectator reviewers.

Miss Marjorie's Steel Drum Plantains

Marjorie Restaurant


Growing up in Jamaica, Donna Moodie was inspired by her mother's passion for cooking amazing food from scratch. It's a fitting tribute that Donna's popular Seattle restaurant and signature appetizer are named after Marjorie. Now Miss Marjorie's Steel Drum Plantains can be enjoyed at home or on the go. The savory, crunchy plantain chips are perfect paired with cheeses and dips or savored right out of the box.

Simple Paper Bag


Sometimes it just doesn't feel like shopping if you're not (gently, gently!) swinging a shopping bag. The Knack Simple Paper Bag is an excellent choice when you want a lighter container in which to nestle your treasures and a box or jar doesn't seem quite right. Bag measures 8" x 8" x 4".
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  • High quality paper with embossed cardstock cover
  • Custom-printed and assembled to order
  • Includes your custom message, list of gift items, and stories about the artisans who made the products in your gift
  • Complimentary with every Knack gift
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