Turtles All The Way Down
Turtles All The Way Down

From the best-selling author of The Fault In Our Stars, Turtles All The Way Down is John Green's tale of resilience, friendship, discovery and selfhood. His sixteen-year-old narrator Aza is balancing school, a social life, and her own complex inner world when the disappearance of a fugitive billionaire catches her attention. Together with her best friend Daisy, Aza cautiously undertakes the unexpected detective work and navigates the distance between them, and the billionaire's mysterious son. 

Touted as a A "Most Anticipated" book of 2017 by: Bustle, Entertainment Tonight, Fast Company, HelloGiggles, The Hollywood Reporter, The New York Daily News, People, PopSugar, Southern Living, TIME, The TODAY Show, and Yahoo!


  • 6" w x 8.6" h x 1" d
  • Hardcover, 304 pages