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Relationships are built on authenticity.
That's why we make every gift to order.

Have you ever given someone a gift so perfect that you could barely wait for them to open it? That gift had a story behind it.

Our gifts tell stories, too. And while we love to surprise & delight customers with our unique example gifts, that’s just the beginning. We help you tell YOUR story through the creation of gifts that reflect your unique recipient, occasion, price, message & values.
Easily add or subtract from any of our expert examples to create the perfect gift for your requirements.
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Our Gift Builders put you in the center of the creation process, leveraging proven gift recipes for a sure-fire winner.
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In 2017 we opened a showroom in a high-traffic area adjacent to our offices so we could gather customer feedback on products under consideration. Get Directions

Gifts Are Really About Relationships

We strive to delight every customer, recipient & merchant we touch, because to us the gift business is all about connecting people together. That’s why if you or your recipient are ever less than 100% delighted, we'll make it right. Period.


Whether you order a single gift or 1,000, personal attention makes them just right.


We might be a technology company, but we're still all about personal service.


Not to be too forward, but we’re really hoping to have a long-term relationship with you.
A LETTER FROM OUR FOUNDERAfter a career in technology and venture capital, I founded Knack in 2015 convinced that the future of ecommerce resided in putting the customer front and center. “Take it or leave it” retailers would be pushed aside by “tell me how you’d like it, please” disruptors who harness technology to deliver exactly what the customer wanted every time.

I’ve always been passionate about the power of gifting to build authentic connections. And I believe that great gifts have stories. Stories about shared experiences and values, about exciting finds you can’t wait to share, about welcoming and thanking and connecting. Stories that both the recipient and giver still want to tell me years after the gift has been opened.

Kids intuitively understand the immense joy of gift-giving, and they don’t hesitate for a second debating whether the macaroni necklace or gum-wrapper tie they’ve created at school will be loved by the recipient. That feeling of absolute confidence and “open it now!” delight is what we strive to deliver for all our customers, whether it’s for business or personal gifting.
Laura Jennings
Founder, CEO