The 2018 Business Gift Satisfaction Survey Results

Business gifting may be an art, but it’s no mystery. We surveyed 500 professionals across the U.S. about corporate gifts they’ve given or received, and captured their insights in our 2018 Business Gifting Satisfaction Survey Report and Employee Gifting Supplement.
Their compelling observations about what makes a great business gift, along with our expert gifting tips, are essential for anyone who wants to boost their business gifting strategy for clients, partners, and employees.

2018 Business Gift Satisfaction Survey Report

  • How much to spend by region
  • Secrets to giving memorable gifts
  • Creative opportunities for business gifting
  • Ideas for “unique + useful” gifts

2018 Employee Gifting Supplement--New!

  • How to give gifts that boost employee loyalty
  • How much to spend on business milestone gifts vs. annual holiday gifts
  • Why gifts for junior staff matter
  • When to give a gift card

more great business gifting info

5 Reasons to Give Employee Gifts:

More companies are using gifts for employee retention and recognition and for good reason: 81% of employees feel appreciated when they receive gifts from their employer. Read More

Personal Notes Boost Employee Connectedness:

It sounds simple, but a personal note makes employees feel 70% more likely to feel connected to your company. Often forgotten, it’s actually one of the easiest and most-appreciated gestures. Read More

What to Spend on Business Gifts by Region:

How to gauge the ideal price for every business gift, whether it’s going to a partner in the Northeast or a client in the heart of the Midwest. Read More

Ban Re-Gifting!

To logo, or not to logo? How to give memorable branded gifts from your company that won’t be re-gifted any time soon. Read More

The Art of Business Gifting: 2018 Business Gift Satisfaction Survey Report

You already know that gift giving is essential to building great business relationships, and that Knack can help you find or create the right corporate gift to represent your brand--but there’s more to business gifting than picking out products that seem great to you.

We surveyed 500 business gift recipients across the U.S. to find out how they really feel about the corporate gifts they’ve received from partners in the past. In our comprehensive survey of recipients’ business gift expectations, we learned what real people think when it comes to how much to spend on a corporate gift, the kinds of Christmas gifts for business partners that people actually want to receive, and the holiday client gifts you should send if you truly want to make a good impression. Unsurprisingly, we found plenty of compelling variations in the responses by region; our survey report can tell you how much your company should spend on gifts for recipients in different parts of the country, when to skip the gift card, why you should put your logo on the box, not the item, and why you should ALWAYS send a personal note with your gifts to clients in the Midwest (and everywhere else!).

Before you plan your company's 2018 gift-giving strategy, download our survey results so you can give with complete confidence and stand out among all the other corporate gifts being sent this year.