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Care Packages for Any Occasion

Show them you care with a gift that sends get well wishes, provides encouragement or remembers a special occasion. They’ll appreciate that you’re thinking of them.

When selecting a care package gift, be sure to include an item or two of something you’ve used and liked, and something that is meaningful to your friend or family member. It’s always nice to receive a thoughtful gift that contains a new twist on a favorite treat or a surprise item that makes them smile. 

But we know and you know that the most treasured gifts aren't about things. That's why our favorite Knacks represent an experience that includes a personal message from your heart to theirs.   

Our selection of curated gifts includes gifts of humor, relaxation and support. Here's a few Knacks we know they'll appreciate: 

#1 Get Well Care Package: Better Than Therapy 

Send a get well gift that offers them an assortment of goodies and makes them smile. Better than Therapy is the perfect gift. It includes a delightful coloring book and pencils to pass the time in a non-digital way. A candle and detox bath salts aid in relaxation. And a bit of chocolate paired with chardonnay is ideal if they’ve settled in for an afternoon of favorite movies.

#2 College Care Packages

Delight your new scholar-in-the-making by sending one of the top 10 gifts that college girls or college boys need and want.

#3 Tea Care Package: Just Your Cup of Tea 

Do you want to send a simple but lovely gift to remember a special occasion or lift their spirits? Just Your Cup of Tea strikes the right note. It includes a charming porcelain mug in shades of green and yellow, a refreshing lemon ginger tea and honey sticks to sweeten the tea or to drizzle on a favorite baked good.

#4 Coffee Care Package: Wake Me Up Before I Go Go

Have they started a new job or maybe they’re still on the search? If so, wish them well with Wake Me Up Before I Go Go, a very useful gift for those who like their coffee on the go. The gift includes a stainless steel French press that doubles as a travel tumbler, a bag of medium roast whole bean coffee and cinnamon gum to keep them breath fresh.   

#5 Spa Care Package: Just Breathe

If you’re sending a gift to help them unwind and relax, consider Just Breathe. This gift set contains a hydrating coconut milk bath soak, natural sea sponge, air plant, soy wax candle, and a vial of matches for the ultimate experience to reduce stress and indulge in “me time”.

#6 Pink Care Package: Rosy Posy Gift Set 

Our Rosy Posy Gift Set gift set is wonderful in its simplicity. If she likes pink or you’re searching for something a little more feminine, this gift is ideal. It includes a 16 oz. glass water bottle with a pink silicone sheath and two travel-size notebooks for jotting down tasks and reminders, or to record the events of the day.

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