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The truth is, we’re not afraid to show our technology roots.

From private sites to turnkey programs, we thrive on building brilliant solutions for all your gifting needs.

Whatever you’re trying to do, chances are we’ve done something like it before. And if we haven’t, we’re looking forward to the challenge.

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Custom Corporate Gift Solutions

Your business isn't cookie-cutter, so your gift solution shouldn't be, either. That's why everything we do is custom. This not only applies to creating personalized client gifts for each gift recipient but also to how we deliver these solutions to our customers. 

Our web site shows only part of our story: our unique corporate custom gifts backed by exclusive industry research. But the reality is that we provide many unique gift solutions for corporate customers that aren't visible on our site. 

Branded Company Gift Stores

Many business sectors rely on ongoing client stewardship for their success. These sectors include but aren't limited to Wealth Management, Financial Services, Hospitality, Legal, Strategy Consulting, and Marketing & Communications. For those companies for whom personalized client gifts are an integral strategic component of their activities, we host white-label Company Gift Stores that allow their client services personnel to authentically and efficiently recognize client milestones within the framework of organizational guidelines. 

Likewise, for companies who recognize the return on investment of employee gifts as a component of an employee appreciation program, we work with human resources departments to provide company store solutions ranging from private sites to dedicated account specialist support that provides custom corporate gifts. Specifically in high-demand sectors such as technology, a well-considered employee gifting solution as part of an overall employee appreciation program can pay significant dividends in terms of employee retention and engagement. 

Company Gift Stores are a great solution for any organization for whom personalized client gifts are an ongoing part of their marketing, development or human resources activities. We will work with you to construct a branded company gift store solution that's right for your organization. 

Private Gift Event Solutions

Often even a singular gift event such as a product launch, industry conference or other important business milestone can benefit from a custom corporate gift solution. These might include email or text extensions, private branded pages, recipient-specified preferences such as gift selection or preferred shipping address, or custom tracking & follow-up, among other components. 

We have extensive experience in customizing not only the gifts themselves, but also the manner in which they're presented and delivered on the givers' behalf. 

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Whatever you’re trying to do, chances are we’ve done something like it before.  And if we haven’t, we’re looking forward to the challenge.

We’re business gifting experts with specialists ready to help you. Download our 2019 Business Gifting Satisfaction Report for the latest data on US business gifting trends, or contact an account specialist to discuss your brand and your gifting objectives.  

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