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It's easy to create a gift that supports the values most important to you

Special Ways To Make a Difference

Add a $10 donation to Black Girls CODE to any gift and we’ll include a commemorative enamel pin in your gift, on us. Learn More

One Tree Planted Partnership

Knack is committed to sustainability. Our donation to One Tree Planted planted 10,000 trees in US National Forests. We also plant a tree for every Knack posted on social media. So snap your Knack, post it and tag us @knackshops along with the hashtag #KnackForGiving.

Feel Great About Gifts That Reflect Your Values

Prosperity Candle


Our wide selection of brands that Give Back makes it easy for your gift to do double duty. Shop our curated Gives Back gift sets or create your own.

Blk & Bold


Build inclusivity and equality of opportunity by incorporating items from BIPOC-owned businesses.

Herbivore Botanicals


Incredibly important to the future of our planet, support businesses for whom sustainability is top of mind in everything they do.

Seattle Chocolate


As a woman-owned business ourselves, this ethos is dear to our heart. What better way to celebrate the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage than supporting female entrepreneurs?


Gifts That Give Back: How To Double the Joy of Gifting

Simply put, gift giving feels good—both to the gift giver and the gift recipient. The simple joy and feelings of personal connection that both you and the recipient get from the gifting gesture is second to none and it’s what we strive to deliver all of our customers.

In our experience, the act of gift giving becomes even more powerful when the gift given supports the values important to both the gift giver and the gift recipient. That’s why we believe in curating our gifts, whenever possible, with items from brands that support causes you care about.

So if you're looking for holiday gift ideas that advance what you value, we invite you to explore our special Shop by Ethos category where we showcase the brand partners that support the causes and values you find meaningful.

Here's a lineup of what we have to offer. 

Sustainably Produced Products

A sustainable gift is perfect for someone who is passionate about the environment and meeting today's needs without negatively impacting the needs of future generations. You can find a curated selection of sustainable gifts here. Or, using our Sustainable Gift Builder, you can create a gift with products from brands committed to sustainability.

Gifts That Give Back

If you’re looking for ideas for gifts that give back, look no further than our gorgeous selection of gift sets curated with products from brands who make giving back a priority. Whether it’s empowering women, fighting hunger, supporting youth education and more, we have a gift that supports what's meaningful to you.

BIPOC-Owned Businesses

If you want to support Black-owned and POC-owned businesses, you can create gifts with our BIPOC-owned gift builderIn it you'll find skin care, gourmet coffee, games for the family, and more.  

Woman-Owned Businesses

Knack is a woman-owned and run business, so our Women-Owned Businesses gift builder and curated gift sets are especially close to our hearts. You'll can find gift ideas that support women-owned businesses here or create your own gift that supports women here.

Handmade & Made In USA

We also offer gifts curated with items that are totally handmade. Or if a focus on American-made products is important to you, you can shop gifts curated with items Made in USA here.