Why Create A Unique Custom Gift

With so many options for buying gifts online, why create a custom gift instead of simply buying something already made?

Custom gifts, by design, have stories that build lasting memories.

Think of a time when you gave someone a truly great gift.  Now think about the most memorable gifts you’ve ever received. What all of those memories have in common is that there were stories behind the gifts. And it is those stories that stay with us long after the gift itself has been used up.

When you custom design your own gift you tell a story. It might be a story of how well you know the recipient.  Or it might be a story of the experience you want the gift recipient to have when they use the gift.  Whatever it is, it creates a unique interaction between you and your lucky gift recipient that creates a lasting memory.

Nothing shows you care quite as clearly as making a gift yourself.

Even the simplest gift becomes special when it’s made especially for you. It says that the giver cared enough to take a few moments out of their busy life to really think about the recipient and what they might like, instead of treating their gift as just another item on the to-do list.   

Designing a custom gift makes you feel great!

Remember how confident you felt when you brought a gift home for Mom or Dad that you’d made at school? Gift giving should always feel that joyful. And when you create a unique custom gift for a colleague, friend or loved one, you’ll enjoy that same joyful connection with the recipient.

Thoughtful gifts don’t need to be time-consuming or difficult to make.

In fact, creating exactly the gift you want takes less time than endlessly browsing to see if someone else happens to have created it already. Why settle for a one-size-fits-all gift basket when you can create a gift uniquely for them in just a few clicks?

Knack’s exclusive Gift Builders leverage expert gift recipes to ensure that your custom gift box is guaranteed to be a winner. If you’re creating a custom unique gift for her, you might want to start with our For Her – Spa, For Her – Personal Space or Gifts For Mothers gift builders.  Or if you’re looking for a unique gift for him, give our Wine, Grilling, or Whiskey gift builders a try. For business gifting, start with our For Him-Travel gift builder, or perhaps our Gourmet gift builder. And everyone can enjoy a custom Bar or Home Entertaining gift. With over a dozen themes to choose from, and proven expert gift recipes, you'll never be at a loss for great gift ideas. 

After you’ve designed your unique gift box, we’ll package it beautifully and allow you to add an additional personal touch through your gift message.  You can upload a logo or photo, or even leave a voice message for the gift recipient.  And Knack custom gifts ship the same or next day.

The best thing about creating a unique gift yourself? It’s fun!  Give it a try.