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Knack's Holiday Handbook

If you feel like the holidays are hurtling toward you at a shocking pace, you’re not alone. That’s why we’ve launched our holiday handbook a little early: to help you get a great head start on your holiday gift ideas with our 2016 gift guide (seriously, think of all the gingerbread houses you’ll be able to decorate with your abundant free time!) and ease some of the season’s common stresses with our favorite giving tips on our blog.

Don’t panic if you’re not quite ready to start your Christmas shopping in earnest. Our 2016 holiday handbook will be a comprehensive resource for all your holiday needs and notions, and we’ll update frequently to see you all the way through the new year. 

What to expect from our Holiday Handbook:

  • Our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide: unique gift ideas curated by the Knack team for everyone on your list--you can customize every single one, or send as-is for the simplest holiday shopping spree ever. Whether you need a gift for the wine lover, your BFF, your favorite dapper guy, or your foodie friend, you'll find it here.
    Think about it: no lines at the mall, no fighting someone’s grandma for the last Kindle on the shelf, no broken shopping bag can play Santa from your couch next to a glass of wine, and that might just be our greatest gift to you.
  • Unwrapped blog articles: our best gift-giving tips for any situation, from that last-minute party you HAVE to attend to the surprise gift from your boyfriend’s mom that you’d better be prepared to reciprocate. Start with our holiday entertaining tips for a well-prepared party, or read about how to create your signature gift so you're never caught off guard this season. 
  • Special holiday gift collections: You'll find all the inspiration you need, like holiday entertaining, stocking stuffer ideas, and end of year corporate gifts for your employees or business clients (hint: don’t just send a gift basket full of sweets, but if you must, make them Hello Robin cookies).  
    Explore our Holiday Entertaining collection to find spectacular seasonal host and hostess gift ideas (these handstamped serving utensils are always fun), or products to deck the halls when you're the one hosting, like festive cocktail supplies.
    There are two types of people: those who buy stocking stuffers ahead of time, and those scrambling for them at the last minute. Be the former, and shop our Stocking Stuffers collection to find stocking stuffer ideas for him, for her, or for the kids--there's a little something for everyone. 

Watch this space for updates to our Holiday Gift Guide, browse our featured gift collections, and follow our blog, Unwrapped, for our best gift advice. We’ll help make this season easy as (pumpkin) pie.