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Six Tips to Make Your Holiday Gifts Unforgettable

Busy holiday shopping? Whether you're just starting to plan your Christmas gift list or looking for additional ideas before you checkout, Knack wants to help with these gift giving tips for a memorable holiday season.

1. When creating a gift box, odd numbers of items are better

Like floral displays, gift boxes are most appealing when they contain an odd number of items. Our brains naturally look for patterns, and an odd number of items forces our eyes to move around more and makes for a more stimulating visual experience. (Interesting aside—even numbers of flowers are generally only used for bouquets for sad occasions.) 

2. Always include a non-consumable item in your Christmas gifts of food & wine

Adding a non-consumable item to a gourmet gift basket increases its memorability by 30%. That makes sense, because it serves as a permanent reminder of your gift long after the perishables have been consumed. So when choosing gourmet holiday gifts to send to friends or loved onesconsider adding a related item such as a mug, tray, tea towel, or wine opener, depending on the theme of your gourmet gift.

3. Add a “sprinkle”

Adding a dash of the unexpected will help your gift stand out. Include a small favor or trinket that fits with the theme of your Christmas gift—and don’t be afraid to have fun with it. A little whimsy shouldn’t cost much but can go a long way. For example:

4. Tell a story with your gift

The one thing we're absolutely certain of after years in the gift giving business is that the most memorable gifts always have stories. Your recipient will form a more lasting connection with your gift if you give them an interesting story to pass along to others.  (Believe us, we’ve heard hundreds of them!)

The story costs nothing, and every great gift has one if you know where to look.

  • Does your gift introduce the recipient to an up-and-coming artisan or entrepreneur they may not have heard of, but you know they’d love?
  • Did you find the gift under extraordinary circumstances? If it came from a one-of-a-kind market or merchant, or has an unusual feature you can explain to your recipient, it will be all the more compelling.
  • Does your gift have a philanthropic twist, such as products made of upcycled components or from brands with a social mission?
  • Do you have a particular relationship with the merchants behind your gift?  Or does the gift include one of your own favorite things? If so, share your enthusiasm! 

5. Turn your gift into an experience

Customers naturally gravitate to gifts that embody an experience. Sunday Morning Pancakes, for example.  The individual items are delicious, but by putting them together they’re really creating something more powerful: the hope that the gift recipient will enjoy the tea towel, the companionship of loved ones, and the well-earned leisurely atmosphere of a day filled with nothing but possibility. Or a nap.

Other unique gift ideas include:

Even without seeing them, all of these Christmas gifts evoke a particular mood and have a natural experiential component to them.

6. Holiday-ize Any Christmas Gift

We love the gifts our customers create for their friends and family. They are so unique and thoughtful. But did you know that any Knack gift can be customized? Some of our customers buy our amazing gifts as is, while others enjoy adding or subtracting items to get it just right. When it comes to Christmas gifts, we noticed that customers like to add holiday items to non-holiday gifts to make the gift a little more festive. 

So we've made it easy for you to do. 

  • Every Knack gift has images of the gift set and the individual items that comprise the gift. Right below the images is a tab called Add To This Gift. Click on the tab and it will open to recommended items to add.
  • Under Filter: Category, you can filter the recommended items to exactly what you'd like to add. At the top is Holiday-ize Any Gift which provides a selection of holiday-themed items.
  • Simply select the item and add to your gift.

We hope these gift tips spark your creative spirit as you consider what to give everyone on your Christmas gift list. Have fun exploring new ways to think about gift giving. Consider adding people to your list who have captured your heart this year—the teen who mows your lawn, a teacher who has made a difference in your life, a friend you've reconnected with. And don't forget to have a cup of hot chocolate and cookies at the ready while you're shopping online to keep your energy up!

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