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Three Delicious Ways to Give Sugarfina




  • Gorgeous, soft-white exterior with a premium linen-feel texture.
  • Joyful pop of color in the interior beautifully embossed with the words 'Especially For You'.
  • Elegant storybook presentation cover to highlight personalized gift messages and custom literature.
  • Prominent name card branded with your logo or personal photo and secured with a sleek, elastic ribbon.
  • Reusable box folds flat for easy storage and is recyclable.

How To Create The Perfect Candy Gift

When in doubt, the tried-and-true candy gift is always a safe bet. Especially if you need a gift for someone you don’t know well or for the person who seemingly has everything. Read on to learn our tips for creating perfect candy gifts that are sure to be not only delicious but beautiful, too.

Candy Gift Tip #1: Just Say No to Convenience Store Candy

Yes, a candy gift is generally always a good idea but it should not be just any candy. While we all love a Snicker’s bar, it’s not necessarily a candy that’s going to ‘wow’ the recipient when they open their gift. Instead, we recommend choosing premium, artisan, or gourmet candy—something they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves on the average day.

Candy Gift Tip #2: Go Beyond Chocolate

It may seem impossible, and we don’t even feel comfortable writing the words, but (gasp) not everyone loves chocolate. That’s why Knack curates several other types of confections, including gourmet gummy candies and caramels. Or, if it’s likely that the gift will be shared, choose a variety of candy so there’s something for everyone.

Candy Gift Tip #3: Make It Beautiful

When your candy gift is opened you want it to delight and inspire—and then be devoured. So, choose candy that is not only beautifully packaged but also looks positively delectable. Explore brands like Sugarfina, Fran’s Chocolates, and Éclat for candy that’s almost too pretty to eatalmost.

Candy Gift Tip #4: Mix It Up

Add a scented candle to your candy gift or a pretty journal to give them something they can enjoy now (candy!) and use later. You can use our Gift Builders to create a customized gift combination they’re sure to love.

For more inspiration and to shop candy gifts, check out our Chocolate & Confections collection.